Smoothie Recipes for Kids

Me and my daughter trying out one of the smoothie recipes!

5 Simple Nutrition Rules for Young Children

5 Simple Nutrition Rulesfor young children &  how the right smoothie recipe for kids can help fill in the gaps! Or just click here to see the recipes :)

Do you need to develop shakes in order to ‘trick’ your little one into eating nutritious? I’ve already been in your designer heels! Attempting to coerce a kid to consume a balanced diet is a difficult taskfor many adults, myself personally included. Although you would lovefor your specific toddler to raid the vegetable crisper drawer by themselves, it’s ok to understand that they will need a slight motivation from you, nutrition-wise. Preparing your own homemade smoothies from scratch is really a superb approach to fill in the nutritional spaces inside your child’s eating routine, and it gives you full control over the ingredients that are added in. Follow these basic rulesto ensure that your young child eats a healthy diet plan every single day:

fiveSimple Nutrition Rules for More nutritious Kids

portions of fresh vegetables
helpings of fresh fruit
portions of whole grains
portions of calcium
his or herphysical body weight in grams of lean necessary protein

It can be hard to encourage your toddlerto eat any greens, much less 3portionseach day. One helping of fresh vegetables is 1 cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked. Whilst itcan be toughto getchildrento consumetheir ownvegetables, it’s quite simpleto add at least one serving of veggies to a scrumptioussmoothy. There are plenty ofshakesthat may haveone or more serving of veggies, as well asseveral with not one but twofullportions of veggies. Spinach, mixed green vegitables, and steamed baby carrots are particularlyeasy to disguise in mouth wateringdrinks. My favoritehealthy smoothierecipe with blendedgreen vegitablesis definitely Frog Juices, andmyfavourite recipe with baby carrots is Bunny Juice. Your kids will happily eat their vegetables if you serve them in a smoothy!

It’ssubstantiallyquite a bit easier to persuade children to eat fruits.1helping of fresh fruitsis actually one actual fruit, as well as 3/4 cup of strawberries. Whilefruitare notvital to make great drinks, they generally doget them to taste far better! Frozenbananas areprobably the mostpopularfruitspertaining to smoothies, because they add creaminess to the smoothie. The prepto add bananas to asmoothyis basically non-existent: justpeel offthe item and toss it in. Apples are one other favoritefruitto include. They add onnutritionand additionally taste wonderful.

Whole Grain Productsare certainly morenutritiousthan white, highly refinedgrainswhich have been more processed. Children, especially toddlers, consume acomparativelytiny amount of food on a daily basis, hence it’s all the morecrucial tomake certain thatthey are simply recieving the maximum nutritional value for the amount of food that they eat. One serving of whole grains equals 1/2 cup cooked rice or pasta, 1 slice of whole grain bread, 1/2 cup dry oatmeal or 1 cup whole grain breakfast cereal (with less than 6 grams of sugar, and 3 or more grams of fiber per serving). You can easily add a serving of breakfast cereal to your child’s drinks, or includedryoatmealin the event yourblender or food processor is effective enough. The complete grain cereal located in thebabysectionsis another option, though it doesn’t providethe maximum amount offibers.

Chances areyour kidswill getnearly all ofher daily calcium supplementthroughdrinkingmilk, but calcium is also found in yogurt, cottage cheese, standarddairy products, vegetables, beans, tofu, as well as calcium-fortified food itemssuch as waffles and orange fruit juice. Your child will obtain one fullportion of calcium from a single cup dairy, yogurt, or calcium-fortified juices, 1/2 to 1 cup beans or even broccoli, or 4oz of tofu. It is essential tolook for low-fat versions of dairy, yogurt, and cheese, which are healthiersince they have a lesser amount of artery-clogging fats. Small childrenolder than2shouldonlydrink 1% milk. Smoothies made with low-fat milk products, soymilk, orangeveggie juice, or even low-fat natural yogurtare especiallydelectablesolutions toingest your calcium.

SlimProteinscan certainly bea bit of achallenge. Ourchildweighs about36pounds. It is ideal for the girlto eathalf of that in grams, 18grms, of low fathealthy proteinseach and every day. Kids can get necessary proteinfrom anumber of sources: cookedchicken, turkeyhamburgers, natural yoghurts, lowfat dairy, peanut butter, tofu, eggs, various nuts, vegetableburgers, pizzas, and stringedcheesesare allcommonhealthy proteins sources amongstthisage group. You’ll have tostudy the nutrition specificsfor one’sspecificgrms of proteinperhelpingfor every singleitem. Try to remember that grilledchickenas well asturkeyburgersare classified as theserious hitters, averaging 21grms of proteinsfor aservingthe dimensions ofyourhand. Natural yogurt, low-fat milk, peanut butter, along with tofu are allexcellenttypes ofslimprotein that tastedelectablelocated in kid’s drinks!

Given that we’ve broken down each and every nutrition ruleyou can observeprecisely how our well-balanced smoothie recipesfor youngsterscould goquite some distanceto make certain thatyour child is choosing great-tasting, healthfulfoodevery singleweek. All the best .!

Disclosure: I
am not a nutritionist, simply a mummytrying to makecertainmy owndaughterdines as nutritiousas is possible. Talk to yourdoctorbeforevarying your child’s diet.

How to Get Started

Tips from the creator of Green Smoothie Recipes for Kids

The to begin withthingyouwould like to engage inwhen you find yourselfcookinginsidethekitchen is to always beorganized. I usually do a swiftchecktomakeabsolutely sure that anykitchen knives, pair of scissors, oranythingsharp are completelyplacedapartapart of reach. Manyyoung children, in particularlittleindividuals - ownespeciallylittlepatience, so Ihave a shot at to have the ingredientsoutin addition todeterminedprior tothey begin toshow upto the kitchen. Thissparesyour kidswithgrowingbored to deathin addition to it’s quickerforfor me to do by personally.

At least one thing that little onescanhelp you with is dropping the ingredientsstraight into the mixer. I usuallysave that for them to do. I also think that letting youngstersassistance and be an active participant in food prepraises the oddsthattheyis going tolovethe productand alsodevour it, no matter whatall of usaremaking.

Allow me to share the stuff that that youwill certainlyneed to have:

Blender or food processor

Specific Spatula

Juice smoothieMaterials





Food processor or blender

Theblender or food processorisjust whatyou actuallymayemploytomix together all of your ingredients. Blenderscan easilyrangewhen it comes toprice tageverywhere from $10 - $1000 nonethelessyou actuallymaystart usinganyfood processor or blender as long as your owningredientsobtainmixedin unison. Thefood processor or blenderI actuallyuseisa suitable Oster 18-Speed withanice-cubes crusher. The Vitamix is thought to be to be the greatestfood processor or blender on the market place, and could become a valuableexpenditure if anyoneplan on makingsmoothiesoften.

Pointed Spatula

I actuallystart usingthe itemtoscrapedown the side panels during blended (whenneeded) andalsoin order toacquire all thishealthy smoothie out oftheblenderwhile I’m finishedblending. The spatula I use is just a basicone - Ifeel it camefrom QVC.

Juice smoothieIngredients

This varies
considerably on what kind of healthy morning shake you are attempting to make. Everyonecan use fresh or frozen ingredients. Fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, and bananas are very popular for smoothies. Green smoothies are growing in popularity. Green smoothies are made by using vegetables such as baby spinach, celery, and cucumbers. Most smoothies are made with a liquid ingredient as well. You may use dairy milk, fruitextract, or possiblylow fat yogurt as your liquid ingredient. I get most of my healthy smoothie ingredients from the local groceries stores here (Lowes Foods, Food Lion, and Whole Foods), and I use a combination of fresh, seasonal and frozen ingredients.


Adding a little bit of ice to the blender during the
healthy smoothie process will keep your juice smoothiecooler longer - which is always a good thing. As smoothies warm to room temperature they can separate and be less visually appealing.


You can use a regular cup, insulated cup, or
travellingcupdependanton when and where you plan on drinking your juice smoothie. In the Summer, it’s possible you’ll opt for an insulated cupto help keep your healthy morning drinkcold, or youmay wish touse atraveling mug if you drink your breakfastsmoothie in the car. Children also like fun straws to drink their smoothies! I like to use a Tervis Tumblers because they are double wall insulated and don’t sweat, but I use my own straws that I get at the us dollarstore or Walmart. Reusable straws just get far toodirtyfor me.


Childrenbe capable ofcreate a wreck! Children can put ona store bought or homemadekitchen apron or even an artists smock to keep their clothesthoroughly clean.

FoodsColouring: (Recommended)

The use of food
colouring can bring aboutsomesmoothiesfar moretempting to juvenilekids. Just be mindful to are aware of your colouring wheel - because no onedesires to drink a light brownsmoothie!